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What your teens (and tweens) need to know about sexting

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Criminal Defense

For many parents, simply the thought of their adolescent and teenage children sexting with other kids leaves them squeamish. But while your son or daughter will always be your little baby, the truth is that your kids are growing up and maturing sexually.

The fact that their bodies mature so much faster than their brains is where the problems lie. Your child may sext — either taking and sharing nudes of themselves or receiving or passing along nude shots from and to others — without ever understanding that sexting can be a serious crime.

Have that uncomfortable talk with your son or daughter

Just because you’ve had the birds and the bees discussion with your kids doesn’t mean the subject is closed. Below are some important things tweens and teens should understand about sexting.

Sharing nudes and semi-nude photos of minors is a violation

Whether that minor consented or not, sending or receiving sexts of minors can lead to fines, community service and a class on the dangers of sexting. A second offense is a misdemeanor and a third is a felony.

You might not think that your teen could or would sext with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but these things happen all the time. Don’t let one racy snap of a photo in an indiscreet moment derail their otherwise promising lives.

Did your teen get accused of sexting?

If your teen faces allegations of sexting, as parents, you must be their staunchest advocate. Refuse to let them be questioned by authorities outside of your presence and without an attorney who can ensure that their rights remain protected at all times during questioning by law enforcement.