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Could your cameras in your Airbnb get you in trouble?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You decided to rent out your Florida vacation home on Airbnb to generate some extra revenue this season. Naturally, you want to attract the type of guests who will take care of your property and treat it with the respect that you do. 

With that in mind, you strategically place a few out-of-sight cameras around to monitor that the “no smoking indoors” rule is enforced. But that innocent idea can wind up getting you into a world of trouble if you are not careful.

Running afoul of the Airbnb rules is the least of your problems

According to their Standards & Expectations, Airbnb requires transparency regarding the placement of cameras and other recording devices in the properties they list. Full disclosure of all security camera locations is a requirement, and they are forbidden in bedroom and bathroom areas entirely.

The state of Florida’s position on hidden recordings

Regarding video voyeurism, the state takes this position that a crime has been committed if the secret recording takes place, in part:

For his or her own amusement, entertainment, sexual arousal, gratification, or profit, or for the purpose of degrading or abusing another person, intentionally uses or installs an imaging device to secretly view, broadcast, or record a person, without that person’s knowledge and consent, who is dressing, undressing, or privately exposing the body, at a place and time when that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy;

How that could end badly for you

What you look at as necessary surveillance to protect your property and what the courts perceive as video voyeurism can collide — and you will be the one scrutinized by police. If you stand accused of such a crime, you need a legal team that can launch a staunch rebuttal to these allegations.