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How can “drug court” help defendants who are also addicts?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Drug Charges

For some individuals, the need to obtain drugs to support their addiction is the most pressing matter in their life. This may lead them to do things that are uncharacteristic — things like stealing or even selling drugs to others to get the money for their habit.

When a person is facing charges that stem from their need to use drugs, they may be eligible for drug court. This is a court-supervised program that prioritizes rehabilitation and building a productive lifestyle. There are limits to who can enter into drug court, but those participants who do go through it can reap specific benefits. 

What benefits do drug courts offer?

A person who successfully completes drug court will come out of it sober. During the process, they’ll learn the techniques they need to attempt to curb relapses. Because there are often underlying psychological, emotional and social issues that are pushing the person to turn to drugs, the drug court program will often help the person to address those. 

Drug court participants are intensively supervised to prevent people from using any drugs while going through the program. That type of accountability may help to reduce the chance of relapses. The participants also get the support of their peers by going through structured programs like Narcotics Anonymous. 

Drug court can also help a person to avoid having to go to prison. All participants should remember that jail or prison is possible if they don’t meet the terms of the program. On the other hand, successful completion of the program means the charges will be dropped.

Is drug court right for you?

Drug court, despite its benefits, isn’t right for everyone. Anyone who’s facing a drug charge should learn about all their options for a defense. Once you’ve evaluated your options, you can make an informed decision about your defense strategy.