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Can you be sure an eyewitness is telling the truth?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When an eyewitness stands in the witness box, you can bet the judge and jury will pay close attention.

Yet what if what they are saying is wrong, and you know their words could help convict you? 

You should know what an eyewitness will say beforehand

Preparation is key to defending against an eyewitness statement that links you to the crime. With the help of your attorney and the discovery process, you can run through what any witnesses said in their statements and look for weaknesses.

People’s memories do not always serve them well

Have you ever forgotten where you put your car keys? It goes to show that we do not remember everything that, at one point, we were sure about. You knew you put the car keys in your jacket pocket when you did it. So why did you later believe you had left them on the table?

Memories can be influenced by tricks of the mind

Has your aunty ever told you about how as a kid, you loved to put on her high heels and neck scarf and pretend you were Rizzo every time she put on Grease? If she has mentioned it enough, you probably believe you remember it, but maybe you just think you do.

Many eyewitnesses have stood up and told a court what they thought they saw. Yet often, those memories were put into their head by others, such as the police. You need to look at who the eyewitness talked to and how the police questioned them. Some people are much more susceptible to external influence than others, especially if they are in a vulnerable state at the time.

However low your chances of escaping prosecution seem, it is crucial to investigate all defense options. Experienced legal guidance is key to protecting your future.