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What may lead to possession with intent drug charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Drug Charges

Getting arrested for drug possession can be a very stressful experience. You may worry about losing your job or going to prison. If police officers and prosecutors want to bring more serious charges against you, you might find yourself facing allegations that you possess drugs with the intent to distribute them to others.

Possession with intent charges come with more serious criminal consequences and cause a much more significant blemish on your criminal record and simple possession. What might give police officers grounds to accuse you of possession with intent?

Your criminal or social background

If you have already faced prosecution for drug distribution in the past, then officers may try to leverage those prior charges to claim that your current possession is also related to the distribution of drugs.

If you seem to have social connections to known drug users or distributors, those relationships could also help officers convince a prosecutor or the courts that you intended to distribute those drugs to others.

The variety and amount of the drugs involved

If a police officer finds you with one prescription pill for which you do not have a doctor’s recommendation, they would have a hard time proving you had that single pill with the intent to distribute it to others.

However, if they catch you in possession of dozens of pills, suddenly it becomes much easier for the state to convince the courts that you did not possess that amount of the substance for personal use only. The greater the total weight of the drugs found at the time of your arrest, the easier it may be for a prosecutor to claim that you did not have them solely for your own use.

On the other hand, if you have an assortment of different substances, that could also help validate suspicions of an intent to distribute. Many people have one substance they prefer over all others, which makes an arrest while in possession of numerous different substances seem particularly suspect.

There are other reasons that police officers might suspect you of having an intent to distribute drugs to others. From the jokes that you share on social media to your clothing and music choices, there are numerous behaviors that may lead to police officers suspecting you of an intent to distribute drugs.

Understanding what leads to more serious drug charges can help you plan a defense against those allegations.