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What can you do if you have been convicted of a crime in Florida?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Life is not a crime drama, in which the episode ends when the suspect is arrested. It is not even a crime documentary, in which the episode ends when the suspect is convicted at trial. If you have been accused of a crime in the real world, the justice system ensures that you will have one final avenue to avoid criminal punishment: the appeals process.

Arguing the case before a Florida appeals court or even the Florida Supreme Court is different in several key respects from representing a criminal defendant at trial. To begin with, in an appeal there is no jury, and no additional presentation of evidence. Everything depends upon the legal analytical skills of your attorneys in searching for a trial error prejudicial enough to warrant either acquittal or at least a new trial, as well as the cogency of the written brief that they prepare on your behalf and their ability to answer questions and present a compelling oral argument before a panel of judges.

Appeals to emotion and dramatic presentations may have some influence in a criminal trial, but they are irrelevant before appeals court judges, who have a firm grasp of Florida criminal law and will expect the same of your lawyers.

Not all law firms have the expertise to perform both criminal defense and criminal conviction appeal work on behalf of their clients. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, we have this capability. We have successfully represented criminal case defendants on appeal, even including some who agreed to plea deals.

For those convicted of crime, the appeals process could be the last chance to avoid fines, jail time, or both. Accordingly, it is critical to make the right choice when it comes to the selection of appellate attorneys to make that chance count is much as possible. See our post-conviction matters webpage to learn more about our experience and expertise in this area, where you can also contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Or, contact us by phone.