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How drug trafficking charges could affect you

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2017 | Drug Charges

Difficult circumstances can befall anyone during his or her lifetime. Though each person’s hardships differ as part of their specific circumstances, you may have found yourself in a position that resulted in authorities bringing criminal charges against you. Such situations can easily cause your life to become considerably complicated, and it may help you to understand certain specifics regarding the allegations you face.

If the charges relate to drug activity, you could potentially face misdemeanor or felony charges. Drug trafficking charges fall into the felony category, and as a result, you could face greater potential punishment for such allegations than for possession charges.

Possession vs. trafficking

In order for authorities to level drug possession charges against you, they must suspect that you willfully possessed an illegal controlled substance. Simple possession means that suspicion has come about that you possessed the substance for personal use. In many cases of possession, the charges brought against you may fall into the misdemeanor category. However, if the amount of the substance exceeds a certain threshold, you could face felony charges. Additionally, the type of allegations could also depend on the specific substance.

Drug possession charges could increase to drug trafficking charges if the amount of drugs causes authorities to suspect that you had intent to distribute the substance. Furthermore, if police locate a considerable amount of cash or distributing paraphernalia, they may suspect you intended to distribute. Drug trafficking results in felony charges.

Potential punishment

If prosecutors leveled drug trafficking charges against you and a conviction takes place, you could face substantial consequences. Jail or prison time and fines stand as common punishments you could face if convicted of trafficking charges. The amount of incarceration time and money owed for fines could depend on the type of drugs involved, the amount of drugs, area where the arrest took place and other various factors.

Criminal defense

Of course, you have the opportunity to defend against any charges that authorities have leveled against you. The manner in which you choose to create and present your criminal defense may depend on your specific circumstances. Exploring your legal options could allow you the ability to create the defense with which you feel most comfortable.

Cases involving drug trafficking charges can prove complicated to address. Therefore, you may wish to gain legal assistance in hopes of ensuring that your best interests remain a primary focus. Conferring with an experienced Florida attorney could help you understand your defense options as well as find out how state and federal laws could apply to your case.