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Alcohol remains detectable longer than you may think

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Drug Charges

Alcohol can linger in your system for even longer than you might imagine. There are several things that influence its absorption rate, such as your weight, body fat content, the number of drinks you had and the length of time during which you consumed them, whether you ate food while you were drinking and its fat content, your age and your gender. 

If you wonder how long alcohol can be detected through testing, here are a few facts: Breath, from twelve hours to one day; the same for saliva; blood, up to six hours; urine, twelve hours to one day, three or more days with “newer test methods.” If your hair is analyzed, alcohol can be found as much as three months later.

How your body breaks down alcohol

Alcohol travels directly into the bloodstream via the stomach. It then goes to your brain. The presence of food in your stomach can slow the absorption process down.

When do you start feeling the impact of drinking?

If you have been drinking, even though you might not have had a lot, it will begin to affect you rapidly. It only takes from fifteen to forty-five minutes to be impacted by a drink. A 150-pound woman typically reaches the level of intoxication (BAC of 0.1%) after downing four drinks in sixty minutes. A man starts to show drunkenness at a BAC of 0.05%; his driving capability declines with a BAC of 0.07%. With a BAC of 0.10%, a man is “clearly intoxicated.”

What are some telltale behaviors that show you are intoxicated?

You might experience breathing difficulty. Your coordination, your memory, ability to focus mentally, speak clearly and will all go downhill after you have been drinking. Your inhibitions will decrease, which can lead to dangerous behavior and poor decisions. 

Knowing the facts about intoxication

Being informed about how quickly alcohol can impact you physically and mentally, and how long it can be detected in your body, may encourage you to pause next time before drinking and taking to the road. If you do get a DUI charge, a qualified professional can look into all extenuating circumstances that might influence your case.