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How trauma can lead to poor boundaries between adults, children

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense

There is a saying commonly stated in the recovery communities: “Hurt people hurt other people.” What that means depends on the situation, but basically, those who have endured trauma and pain are sometimes more likely to replicate those same painful traumas in their behaviors toward others.

For instance, if you were sexually abused by an adult as a child, one lingering consequence may be that your concept of the proper boundaries between adults and children is blurry or skewed. Even if you mean the child no harm, any inappropriate actions could place you in legal peril.

Did you unintentionally cross a line?

Whether you did or didn’t, if you are going through a breakup or divorce, even the most innocent interactions between you and a child could be scrutinized and used against you. Even if there is no relationship ending with a partner, there are many nefarious reasons others can use to justify making false allegations against you.

Protect yourself and your reputation

Once tainted by even a whiff of salacious allegations of improper behavior with children, your life as you know it can vanish. Careers derail, relationships shatter and you can even be barred from spending unsupervised time with your own children. You don’t even have to be convicted to lose everything you hold dear.

If you suspect that someone has or will be making allegations against you, protect yourself by not spending any alone time with the child(ren) in question. Be protective and head any charges off at the pass by learning all you can about the child abuse laws here in the state of Florida.