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Tampa Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Florida Date Rape Charge Defense Attorney

Charges of sexual misconduct are often the result of a broken relationship, a divorce or a custody battle. While no one wants to believe that a person — especially a child — would lie about a sex crime, this sometimes happens. Under pressure from overzealous police officers, prosecutors and victim assistance personnel, even a family member can become a convincing witness against the accused.

If you are being accused of improper sexual contact, you must act quickly to protect yourself. This is true even if you just suspect that such an accusation will be made.

The criminal defense attorneys at Escobar, Michaels & Associates are experienced in sex crime cases. We have the litigation skills to launch a concentrated defense against the accuser, even when there is physical evidence such as DNA. Contact our law firm to talk to a Tampa sex crime defense lawyer.

Your Legal Team For Defense Against Sex Offense Charges
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Sometimes you will learn about a criminal investigation before charges are filed. If this is the case, you should break all contact with your accuser and those who support him or her. You must not allow the prosecutor and police to build a case against you at your expense, with any unintended, self-incriminating statement.

During this critical period, law enforcement officials do not yet have enough evidence to file a charge against you. They are trying to build a case, often by recording a controlled telephone call in which the alleged victim will try to get you to make a statement in the form of a nonspecific apology, which the police and prosecutors will interpret as an “admission” of the crime. This tactic is necessary when there is no physical evidence, which is always the case if it’s a false allegation.

Another example of a false allegation case is the crime reported years, even decades, after the alleged abuse is said to have occurred. These cases are particularly difficult to defend against because any potential alibi you may have had will be difficult to remember or locate and prove.

Immediate investigation: One of our firm’s greatest strengths is our immediate response to a client’s needs. Especially in child molestation cases, it is important to focus not on the accuser, but on the people associated with the accuser. Why were the allegations made? Are you in a battle over custody, property or other issues?

Your legal team: Your freedom, reputation and future are at stake. We will bring together a defense team with expertise critical to the defense of your case. Attorneys, investigators, forensic experts and others required to deal with the particulars of your defense will build an innovative and effective strategy from the earliest moment possible. The police, prosecutors and your accuser are working hard to take your freedom. We will immediately attack the credibility of any DNA evidence and/or the process by which it was collected and refute the claims of child psychologists. The strength of your defense relies upon the strength of your legal team. You must mount an aggressive defense with your own team.

The possible penalties: Sex crimes carry stiff prison sentences, sometimes life. If the sentence is less than life, it likely will be followed by mandatory sex offender registration or designation as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Finding a job and a place to live as well as other activities of daily life can become nearly impossible hurdles if you are a registered sex offender. If you fail to register, you will be subject to arrest on a new felony charge.

Your reputation and liberty are on the line. If you have been accused of rape, date rape, stalking rape, sexual assault, child molestation or possession of child pornography, the time to call a Florida date rape charge defense attorney is now.

When deciding to fight the sex crime charge you are facing, contact the law firm of Escobar, Michaels & Associates in Tampa, Florida, for aggressive protection of your liberty and reputation. Discover why our clients have counted on us since 1986.

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