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Pasco County Jail – Bail Hearings

The Land O’ Lakes Detention Center detains all individuals facing criminal accusations in Pasco County. The Florida Constitution and Florida law provide that defendants should be eligible for pretrial release under reasonable conditions in most cases. Many times, defendants will be required to post bail or a bond before release. This could be forfeited if the defendant does not appear in court. In some cases, however, posting bail just isn’t possible. For instance, if bail is set at $100,000 for a felony charge, it may be unrealistic for a defendant to come up with the money to pay a bondsman for release.

Unreasonable bail violates the Florida and United States constitutions. If someone you love is in Pasco County Jail, he or she has the right to a bail hearing. The lawyer you choose to represent your loved one can make a major difference, both in the bail hearing and in the result of the case. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our Tampa-based law firm provides aggressive, strategic representation to people facing all types of criminal accusations.

Fighting For Our Clients In Bail Hearings Across Florida

Pasco County, like many other Florida counties, maintains a uniform bond schedule. While judges rely on the uniform bond schedule to make decisions about bail, the fact is that judges have considerable discretion when setting bail amounts. Our job as your attorney will be to show the judge why you qualify for reduced bail or release on your own recognizance (ROR). To give you the best chance of success at your hearing, we will need to show the judge why you are not a risk to skip out on your court date. Therefore, we will show the judge your links to the community, such as your family ties and employment history.

We bolster our arguments with relevant facts such as the length of time a person has lived in the community, what his or her occupation is, how many family members (including young children) live in the area, whether the person owns a home and other evidence of strong ties to a community. We will also look at other factors, such as the defendant’s criminal history, if any. We have represented clients in thousands of bail hearings, so you can depend on us. After your bail hearing, we will continue our efforts to seek the best possible outcome in your case.

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