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Tampa Bail Bond Reduction Attorney

Don’t pay standard bonds and tie up all your financial resources getting out of jail right away!

Instead, hire our law firm to get your bail bond reduced to a reasonable amount after you have been taken to any local jail:
How to contact an inmate in Hillsborough County Jail
How to contact an inmate in Polk County Jail
How to contact an inmate in Pinellas County Jail

Get Help NOW With Bail Bond Reduction!

When a court sets a bail bond at a very high dollar amount, such as $100,000, the effect is often the same as if no bail bond were offered. Many clients cannot come up with large sums of money to stay out of jail for a few days or longer.

We have helped many clients get large bail bonds reduced to manageable amounts. The law enforcement agency’s website may list particular amounts as prescribed bail bonds, but rest assured that we have helped many clients overcome those stated high amounts.

Are you seeking a bail bondsman? Instead, seek a reduced bail bond! You will:

  • Save money on pretrial relief through reduction of your bail bond
  • Be able to apply the savings to your defense fund

Our Goal Is To Reduce Bail Costs For Clients Who Have Been Arrested In The Tampa Area

Pretrial relief involves getting out of jail, yes. But the most powerful relief of all comes through a thorough, aggressive criminal defense.

We often successfully argue before a judge that a client’s stated bail bond is not reasonable and is therefore unconstitutional. We bolster our arguments with relevant facts such as the length of time a person has lived in the community, what his or her occupation is, how many family members (including young children) live in the area, whether the person owns a home and other evidence of strong ties to a community. As the court tries to determine a defendant’s propensity for fleeing, our attorneys prepare compelling arguments to answer the question with “No, he or she is not likely to leave town.”

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