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How Sentencing Guidelines Work

Both the federal and Florida state criminal justice system use sentencing guidelines when determining the length of a defendant’s prison term. In theory, these guidelines are supposed to ensure that people who commit similar crimes are treated similarly. In practice, sentencing guidelines have been a miserable failure. Sentencing guidelines have taken the discretion out of judges’ hands and given prosecutors even more leverage. In addition, sentencing guidelines do not even achieve their stated goal.

Despite the glaring inadequacies in these laws, defense lawyers must have a complete understanding of the sentencing guidelines to best serve their clients. For instance, if a defendant is able to show certain “mitigating factors,” he or she may be able to reduce his or her prison term. Therefore, it is especially valuable to have knowledgeable representation at every stage of your case.

Fighting For You At Every Point In The Process

At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our Tampa attorneys prepare strategies to litigate and defend cases through trial and prepare strategies to resolve cases short of trial. Collecting facts that will serve as mitigating factors at sentencing before resolution of the case is extremely important in any defense criminal investigation. If our client chooses to resolve his or her case pursuant to a plea, we will be prepared to persuade the court to provide a reasonable and just sentence that avoids incarceration. We fully understand how mitigating factors, such as drug rehabilitation or psychological treatment, may lead to community-based sanctions. Our lawyers can present powerful, innovative arguments to the judge that can give you the best possible chance of minimizing your chances of a prison term.

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