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Pretrial Release

If a loved one is being held in jail after an arrest, your first priority is to get him or her out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, before a defendant can be released, he or she may be asked to post an expensive bond to ensure that he or she does not miss important court dates. While a bail bondsman can assist you in posting bond, it can be extremely expensive. Your limited resources are likely to be better spent on enlisting the services of an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our Tampa defense lawyers provide tough, strategic representation at every stage of the process, including bond hearings.

Seeking Pretrial Release And Lowered Bail For Clients Across Hillsborough County And Beyond

Under Florida law, all defendants have the right to bail, except for individuals facing capital crimes or those charged with violating probation. The amount of bond, however, can make a major difference in whether a defendant must stay in jail or will be free while the case is pending. All defendants eligible for bail have the right to a bond hearing, in which the defendant’s lawyer can show the judge why the current bond is too high. If the defendant is able to post bond, the judge will likely also require the defendant to agree to certain conditions as part of his or her pretrial release, including travel restrictions and restrictions on who the defendant can contact. As part of our representation, we will argue for reasonable pretrial release restrictions.

Our lawyers will work tirelessly to identify and present evidence showing the judge why your loved one’s bond should be reduced or eliminated. By getting bail reduced, your loved one will not have to pay as much money to a bail bonds company. These resources can be allocated to other needs, including a defense lawyer. When our law firm is contacted in the early stages of a case, we can investigate all possible defenses and show the prosecution why it cannot meet its burden of proof. This approach has led to favorable outcomes for thousands of people across Tampa and beyond.

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