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Tampa Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Very few items described as “drug paraphernalia” are used exclusively to sell or use illegal drugs. For example, scales, baggies, disposable plastic pens and other items are frequently labeled as drug paraphernalia, even though these items have perfectly legal uses. In fact, on most occasions, items alleged to be drug paraphernalia are ordinary legal objects in and of themselves. The fact is, many times prosecutors will add drug paraphernalia charges as a means to gain additional leverage over a defendant.

If you are facing drug paraphernalia-related charges, it is crucial that you have lawyers on your side who know how to present a powerful defense on your behalf. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our Tampa drug paraphernalia charge defense lawyers are prepared to aggressively and intelligently defend your innocence.

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When representing clients facing drug charges, our lawyers often argue that the definition of drug paraphernalia is too broad to be meaningful. For example, if marijuana residue is found in a shoe, does that make the shoe drug paraphernalia? Many times what defines an object as drug paraphernalia may be traces of narcotics on the object. These traces cannot actually be seen by the naked eye.

Another potential defense to drug paraphernalia charges involves the government’s ability to prove knowledge. To secure a conviction on these charges, the government must prove that the defendant possessed the items in question for illegal use. Another defense may be that the police lacked probable cause to search you. The fact is that there are many potentially powerful defenses to these allegations. On many occasions, our lawyers have successfully argued before prosecutors, judges and juries that drug paraphernalia charges are not supported by the evidence. We are prepared to do so for you as well.

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