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Florida International Drug Trafficking Attorney

Defending clients against international drug trafficking charges is a very active area of our law practice at Escobar, Michaels & Associates. Based in Tampa, we represent both American and foreign clients who are under investigation or have been charged with international drug trafficking crimes. When a client retains us before law enforcement agents have filed charges, that client has greater opportunities for obtaining critical defense evidence and therefore a favorable outcome.

Escobar, Michaels & Associates Represents Many Latin Americans Accused Of Drug Trafficking In Florida

In many cases, our defense lawyers have stepped in and persuaded authorities not to indict our clients for lack of credible and reliable evidence. We have helped clients in countries such as Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador avoid extradition on the basis of drug trafficking charges. Before we intervened, many of these clients faced potentially enormous penalties because of the huge quantities of controlled substances (such as cocaine) that were involved. Through our advocacy, we fought for the rights of these clients — in their pursuit of justice.

Tampa Drug Smuggling Attorneys Providing A Comprehensive Defense

Key to our many successes in drug trafficking defense cases are the following principles and practices:

  • Early, detailed investigation and early intervention are critical.
  • Evidence that may be critical to a client’s defense may easily disappear if we do not act quickly. Therefore, we travel throughout the U.S. and abroad to secure this evidence.
  • At times, we may work to persuade authorities in the U.S. that our clients’ cases fall under the jurisdiction of other countries.
  • International drug trafficking offenses are historically heavily prosecuted through the use of informants. Therefore, we use great care in investigating our clients’ dealings with informants, as well as the credibility of the informants themselves.
  • Informants often have great incentives to bend or disguise the truth. If we can discredit the informants, we can damage the government’s case.
  • We collaborate effectively with former federal agents who now work as our investigators. They possess a great deal of experience in fields that are relevant to our clients’ cases. They are former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents whose loyalty now lies on the defense side of the equation in international drug trafficking cases.

Our collaborating investigators are, above all, trustworthy and reliable. Their expert assistance helps us build strong cases for the defense of our clients.

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