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Tampa Theft And Robbery Defense Attorneys

Do you need a lawyer if you have been accused of theft? Yes. When do you need a lawyer? Now. The sooner our attorneys become involved in your case, the better the chances of the case being resolved quickly and with less damage to you. Talk to a theft defense lawyer at Escobar, Michaels & Associates in Tampa, Florida.

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Even if you have not been formally charged with theft or robbery, retaining a lawyer can begin the process of protecting your rights, your freedom and your reputation. If you have been questioned or charged in a case involving shoplifting, grand theft, petit theft or robbery, your defense will begin as soon as you retain an attorney.

  • Investigation into the facts: Immediate investigation can bring out facts that the police may have missed. Our experienced investigators have the skills to interview witnesses and examine evidence. We can also determine if evidence was properly obtained.
  • Early intervention: By talking to the prosecutor before the case is filed, your theft defense attorney may be able to negotiate other options for handling your case — including dismissal if the facts are not there or cannot be proved. There are many alternatives to a jail sentence, including counseling, house arrest and electronic monitoring.
  • Weapons charges: If a theft or robbery includes weapons charges, there are minimum mandatory prison sentences. Make sure you understand your rights and the penalties.
  • A strong defense: In every case our law firm handles, you can be assured of an aggressive defense based on thorough investigation and a team approach. Even a misdemeanor theft charge can create a public criminal record that will harm your reputation. Don’t take chances with your future. Talk to a lawyer.

When you are serious about the charges you are facing and you want a team of aggressive lawyers on your side, contact the Escobar, Michaels & Associates law firm in Tampa, Florida. Find out why clients have counted on our attorneys since 1986.

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