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Gun Trafficking Defense

The sale and purchase of firearms are strictly regulated in Florida and under federal law. Selling or distributing firearms without a license under certain circumstances is against the law. Additionally, licensed firearm dealers must follow many state and federal regulations such as complying with waiting periods and conducting background checks before selling a gun. Law enforcement agents at the federal and state levels devote substantial manpower and financial resources to investigating people suspected of selling or purchasing firearms illegally.

Tampa Attorneys Defending Arms Transfers And Trafficking Allegations

If you are a licensed firearms dealer and are accused of illegal sale of a firearm, you face the possible loss of your license and livelihood. If you are merely a gun owner and are accused of the probable illegal sale of a firearm, you are facing serious charges. Depending on the circumstances, you may also face felony charges that could result in a lengthy prison term. In any event, if you have been charged with any weapons-related crime, it is vital to have a skilled lawyer who can protect your rights and build your defense. Since 1986, we at Escobar, Michaels & Associates have provided our own brand of tough, knowledgeable representation to people facing serious criminal accusations.

In every case, our gun trafficking defense lawyers will delve deep into the facts to uncover what exactly happened and explore possible defenses. In many cases, the police will take liberties when gathering evidence in support of their case. If there is any evidence to show that the police violated your rights, we will find this evidence and act decisively on your behalf. Our strategic, forward-thinking approach has led to favorable results for people across Florida.

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