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Tampa Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

There is no doubt that identity theft and related crimes that go along with it are rampant in the United States and worldwide. Hackers in foreign countries tap into bank accounts, PayPal accounts and other financial resources of Americans and citizens of other countries. They steal not only the financial content of those funds, but in the process, they also destroy the owners’ credit ratings. A victim of identity theft who tries to recover his or her previous fine credit record while recovering from immediate financial harm often faces a long, arduous process that may never be completed.

Law Enforcement Aggressively Pursues Perpetrators Of Credit Card Fraud

With a clear understanding of the devastation that credit card fraud and other types of financial fraud bring about, law enforcement agencies aggressively pursue perpetrators. From the municipal level to the level of the FBI and beyond, police, deputies and agents are engaged in a determined fight to stop identity theft and related crimes such as credit card theft.

Escobar, Michaels & Associates Aggressively Defends The Accused In Credit Card Fraud Cases

In order to provide the most comprehensive and effective criminal defense to individuals and organizations charged with credit card fraud, our Tampa credit card fraud attorneys at Escobar, Michaels & Associates focus on detailed investigations as a foundation. Our defense lawyers make use of sophisticated defense strategies such as collaboration with computer forensic specialists.

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Sophisticated Defense To Match Sophisticated Prosecution

The crimes of identity theft and credit card theft are sophisticated and complex. So, too, are the tactics of law enforcement agencies engaged in prosecution of perpetrators of fraud by credit card. To level the playing field for our clients, our defense attorneys spare no effort in matching sophisticated defense up against sophisticated prosecution.

Exposing “Reasonable Doubt” To Defend Our Clients’ Presumption Of Innocence

In credit card cases as in all criminal cases in the United States, the law considers a defendant to be innocent until proven guilty. Our law firm’s focus is on finding and exposing facts that reveal reasonable doubt concerning our clients’ guilt in white collar crime matters. In the process, many of our clients obtain outcomes such as case dismissed, reduced charges and resolutions such as restitution that leave no criminal record.

Dade City Identity Theft Lawyers · How Can We Help You?

When you are serious about finding an aggressive advocate after charges of Tampa credit card fraud, attorneys of Escobar, Michaels & Associates are ready to evaluate your case. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a free consultation.

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