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You have probably heard the term embezzlement, but what does this actually mean? In criminal law, embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation by a person who is in control of property or money that belongs to another person. For example, clerks or cashiers are entrusted with handling money in their positions. Although they are handling money, the employer is entrusting them to appropriate funds correctly. If, however, they take money as if it were their own, this is considered embezzlement.

Depending on the severity of the crime, embezzlement can have varying penalties. For example, embezzling a small amount of money may have a relatively minor penalty. On the other hand, embezzling a large amount in a sophisticated scheme can result in a much more severe penalty.

Conversion is when the embezzlement has seriously affected the property rather than just relocating it. Like larceny, the severity is not measured by the gain of the defendant, but by the loss of the true owner. Embezzlement had to be statutorily created to deal with situations where the theft occurred during the lawful possession of the accused embezzler.

Embezzlement can also involve falsification of records in order to conceal the theft. Another method is when a person creates a false vendor account and supplies false bills to the company being embezzled from so that cut checks appear completely legitimate. Another form is creating fake employees who are then paid with payroll checks.

Defending Embezzling

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