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Internet Crimes

If you have been accused of an internet crime — any crime perpetrated through online contact — talk to an internet crime defense attorney who understands the technology and will protect your rights. Call the Escobar, Michaels & Associates law firm in Tampa, Florida.

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What is the evidence against you? How was it obtained? Can the prosecutor prove the charges? By talking to you and using our own team of investigators, our attorneys can assess your case and build a defense strategy that protects your rights and best interests.

  • Types of internet crime charges: Has the government accused you of using the internet to obtain information about others? Phishing involves sending emails designed to get unsuspecting people to disclose confidential information (such as bank account numbers). Other internet crimes include credit card fraud, cyber vandalism, industrial spying (hacking into company sites), and selling or downloading child pornography.
  • Thorough investigation: Investigating internet or cybercrime takes an exceptional understanding of how hardware, software and computer networks operate. The investigators we assign to internet crime cases are intimately familiar with the technology and have the determination to track every lead and every detail that could help the defense.
  • Experienced team: No matter what the charges, when you come to our law firm, we will assemble a team that has experience and knowledge in that area of the law. The lawyers, investigators and experts assigned to your team can start building the defense strategy immediately because we have the necessary knowledge.

When you are serious about the internet crime charges you are facing and you want a team of aggressive lawyers on your side, contact the Escobar, Michaels & Associates law firm in Tampa, Florida. Find out why clients have counted on our attorneys since 1986.

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