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Tampa Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

What might seem like a family argument, misunderstanding or disagreement can lead to allegations of domestic violence. People from all walks of life find themselves caught in a difficult situation that can lead to arrest, embarrassment, family estrangement and jail or prison time. If you have been charged with domestic violence, talk to a defense lawyer at Escobar, Michaels & Associates in Tampa, Florida.

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Our first goal when you come to our law firm is to have the charges completely dropped or dismissed. We have seen many cases of false allegations that got out of hand and destroyed families and reputations. We don’t want that to happen to you.

  • Investigate the charge: Did the person who made the charge have a motive such as gaining sole possession of your home or to gain an advantage in a divorce dispute? Our investigators — all retired law enforcement officers — will talk to witnesses, examine the evidence and look for additional evidence that will provide a better understanding of what really happened.
  • Protect your rights: Domestic violence charges can lead to additional legal problems such as restraining orders or no-contact orders. When physical contact is alleged, police officers will take someone to jail — usually a man in a fight between a man and a woman. An experienced attorney can act quickly to petition the court for removal of the no-contact order.
  • Early intervention: In addition to an immediate investigation, your attorney can begin discussions with the prosecutor before a formal charge is filed. That way the prosecutor will know your side of the story, not just the information on the police report. Was there a delay in calling the police? Was there a lack of injury? What do witnesses say? The facts, presented quickly to the prosecutor, may spare you the embarrassment and unfairness of facing charges.

When you are serious about the domestic violence charges you are facing and you want a team of aggressive lawyers on your side, contact the Escobar, Michaels & Associates law firm in Tampa, Florida. Find out why clients have counted on our attorneys since 1986.

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