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Preparation For A Criminal Trial

The key to success in the courtroom boils down to an aggressive investigation of your charge, meticulous preparation of your case and the courtroom experience to present your defense persuasively. The more a seasoned lawyer prepares for a case, the stronger his or her arguments will be. The stronger the arguments in your defense, the more likely the jury will decide to acquit you of your charges. The stronger your defense, the more likely the prosecution will want to reasonably settle your case. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, we have achieved numerous courtroom successes for our clients since our firm’s founding in 1986. Through these results, we have gained a reputation as passionate and powerful advocates for our clients in and out of the courtroom.

Most cases do not go to trial. In fact, at Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our objective in every criminal case is to seek the dismissal of charges before trial. In some cases, however, trial simply cannot be avoided. In these situations, our lawyers will prepare tirelessly to present a persuasive case to a jury of your peers. Based in Tampa, we have achieved successful outcomes for people across Florida.

Preparing Defense Strategies For Your Criminal Case

One of the key elements of our trial preparation is a thorough investigation. The prosecution must prove the case against you beyond and to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt. The goal of the lawyers at Escobar, Michaels & Associates is to seek not only evidence to prove a client’s innocence, but also evidence that creates reasonable doubt in the government’s case. Our firm employs some of the finest attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and paralegals, who will all work together in the investigation of your case as well as the preparation of your defense.

In many instances, while preparing for trial, we want to test whether a jury of your peers will accept and understand our theory of defense. In those circumstances, we may strategically use a mock trial procedure.

A mock trial is a private practice trial done at our office where we present arguments to members of the community who are selected and paid to serve as mock jurors. In this forum, we can present your case orally to the mock jury and gain feedback about what jurors did and did not like about your case. With this information, we can refine and enhance our arguments before your actual criminal trial commences. Our attorneys frequently work with jury consultants and other experts to determine how to select jury members who are likely to be skeptical about the police’s interpretation of events.

Our criminal trial preparation does not stop with thorough investigations. We firmly believe in the power of visuals to demonstrate and persuade. When preparing a case for trial, we create and use compelling visual presentations for trial to help jurors understand various aspects of your defense. At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, we understand that representing our clients and pursuing justice for them is the ultimate in responsibility given to a lawyer. There is no room for error. With our firm on your side, you can have confidence knowing that our experienced lawyers will thoroughly prepare the best available defense.

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