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Tampa Drug Crime Penalties And Consequences

At Escobar, Michaels & Associates, our lawyers understand exactly what is on the line every time we defend someone against a drug charge. For many of the people we serve, prison time is likely or even mandatory upon a conviction. Florida and federal laws provide for mandatory minimum sentences for many individuals, depending on the charge. A lengthy prison term will destroy your life in many regards. Incarceration, however, is not the only negative consequence of a drug conviction. Other potential drug crime penalties and consequences include:

  • Removal proceedings and deportation for green card holders and undocumented individuals
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Possible loss or curtailment of visitation
  • Possible refusal of entry by foreign countries
  • Fines and probation

The economic consequences of a conviction will actually involve more than simply paying fines. A criminal record of any kind can make it hard to get a job in your chosen field. We say these things not to create fear, but only to underscore your need for tough, smart legal counsel in your case as early as possible.

Tampa Drug Defense Attorneys Challenging The Evidence

Escobar, Michaels & Associates mounts an aggressive, intelligent defense for every client who has been charged with a drug crime. In every case, our first goal is to get the charges dismissed. To do this, we scrutinize every piece of evidence. In many cases, the state’s case cannot withstand our analysis and investigation. Even if a dismissal or acquittal is not possible, our work is far from complete. If you are a strong candidate for alternative punishments such as drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation in lieu of prison, we will argue persuasively on your behalf.

Favorable outcomes do not come about by magic. We investigate, evaluate and prepare to competently defend our clients as we protect their constitutional rights at every stage of a drug crime case. Through a comprehensive and aggressive overall strategy, we aim to cast doubt on the government’s evidence against our clients. Your pursuit of justice starts here.

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